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We're an IT services company delivering Software Defined Networks as distributed Big Data Analytic (SDN / BDA) solutions. With a terrific track record of patented solutions creating competitive advantage, we operate regulated (FISMA compliant) data centers delivering complete hosting  operations, maintenance  and support for Healthcare and Finance Software as a Service solutions.

Working with the Department of Population Medicine (part of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and an appointing department of Harvard Medical School), we developed PopMedNet, a large scale health research SDN / BDA solution for organizations who need to share information for clinical trials, comparative effectiveness research, and public health surveillance, but can't share underlying data. PopMedNet powers the following types of research:

Market Surveillance

Mini-Sentinel IIFDA Mini-Sentinel actively monitors the safety of medical products by connecting 20 data providing institutions who collectively curate over 150 million patient lives. PopMedNet has reduced the surveillance cycle from many months to a few days.

Comparative Effectiveness

PCORI IIThe Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has selected a  Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute led group as the Coordinating Center for a new national data network consisting of 11 Clinical Data and 18 Patient-Powered Research Networks. PopMedNet will power the Coordinating Center.

Clinical Trials

Collaboratory IIINIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory improves clinical trials by ensuring healthcare providers and patients make decisions upon best available clinical evidence. The Collaboratory supports design and rapid execution of several high-impact Pragmatic Clinical Trial Demonstration Projects.